Mark your calendar … Dec. 1st bred heifer sale

We at Hazel Bluff Angus are very happy to be part of the first Lone Stone Invitational Female sale. It will be on Dec. 1st 2017 at the Lone Stone Farm just North of Westlock, AB. There will be a great offering of Simmental / Fleckvieh and Red and Black Angus bred heifers. Hazel Bluff Angus will have 8 Red Angus and 2 Black Angus bred heifers in the sale. We brought our heifers home from their summer pasture had pictures taken and now preg. tested. They are now at a home pasture and we invite everyone to stop by and have a look. There is several different bloodlines to choose from. The vet. called them all 4 to 5 month pregnant which means they will calve in the last week of January or February. Good confirmation solid feet and legs along with a good temperament is what we have been working towards too.They are solid, productive, fertile females right out of the heart of our program with over 25 years of breeding Angus cattle behind them.

We like to introduce to you:

MHB 11D, 1GRP0273_MHB 11Dpedigree MHB 11D1GRP9949_CHB 73T1GRP2285_Eberle-50Y This beauty A.I. sired by Red Brylor Eberle 50Y (picture) and out of Red Hazel Bluff Masto 73T (picture) has a long solid pedigree with lots of performance and fertility. The Masto cow family has been with Hazel Bluff since day one. With a minus in the BW EPD’s and above average in WW and YW, maternal and calving ease – a winning combination indeed. Her twin sister is retained in the herd.

MHB 61D, 1GRP0268_MHB 61Dpedigree MHB 61D1GRP0059_CHB 139U_web1GRP2285_Eberle-50YHere is another Eberle daughter, this time out of the Zamie family, another cow family that has been with us since the beginning. All our Eberle sired calves so far have been females and all excelled in good looks and confirmation. They really stood out in the heifer pen. Very growthy and lots of length.

MHB 82D, 1GRP0283_MHB 82DMHB 82DRed BJR Monu 4X-303A little different twist in the pedigree here. In the 2013 dispersal of the Strawberry Fields Red Angus herd we purchased a cow bred to Red SSS Ole’s 677X who gave us a very promising bull calf Red Hazel Bluff Ole 6B. Ole 6B had a (to us) new pedigree and he grew up to be a very good bull, very long easy calving, nice set of feet and legs We used him as our main heifer sire for a couple of years, several of his offspring show up here. The dam side of this heifer (the dam is out of Red BJR Monu 4X – picture) goes back to Martin’s very first female Red Romar 4A (born in 1991) the backbone so to speak of his part of the Hazel Bluff herd. Lots of longevity and production here.

MHB 99D, 1GRP0275_MHB 99DMHB 99D20151231_135819 Another Red Hazel Bluff Ole’s 6B daughter here. Long, fullbodied heifer with an 89 lb BW and a YI of 116. She definitely did well for herself and you can see it. Somehow we missed taking a “real” picture of Ole’s 6B or the dam MHB 21A. The cow family with some Bar E-L and SSS Red Angus bloodline has a very solid foundation.

MHB 109D, 1GRP0269_MHB 109Dpedigree MHB 109D20151231_142306RedLazyMCCCDetour2W_lg Here we have a beautiful heifer out of Red Hazel Bluff Smash 43B (left picture), a son of Red SY Smash 15X who we purchased at the Red Roundup in 2011 and who than went on to be the Reserve Red Angus Junior bull at Agribition that year. The dam is a Red Lazy MC Detour 2W (right picture) daughter with a long history in the herd. You can’t go wrong here.

MHB 56D, 1GRP0309_MHB 56Dpedigree MHB 56D1GRP0314_58XGeis 270Z Mission 1 Look what we found – it’s not all red! This deepbodied daughter out of Geis Mission 270’12 (who we purchased in the Geis Angus dispersal sale in 2012 –picture) and a real looker of a cow in Hazel Bluff Tradition 58X (picture) and a DWAJO Angus grandmother has a fully packed pedigree and the numbers and the looks to back it up. Below average EPD in BW and above average for WW YW maternal  and calving ease – what more can you ask for.

CHB 29D, 1GRP0284_CHB 29Dpedigree CHB 29DRedLazyMCCCDetour2W_lg1GRP9981_CHB 84N_webThis A.I. sired Detour 2W daughter definitely speaks for herself. With a BW of 86 lb, above average for weaning, a stunning YI of 140 (which equalled almost a 1000 act. lb at yearling weigh day) – performance is definitely not an issue here. On the dam side her granddam (CHB 84N) is shown above a deepbodied very productive cow family. 29D’s looks and performance don’t come just out of thin air.

CHB 72D, 1GRP0294_CHB 72Dpedigree CHB 72D1GRP0045_WYF 15X_web1GRP0026_CHB 88W_webHere we have another Ole heifer out of our Missie cow family which has been with us since the beginning of time, Hazel Bluff Angus time that is. Her dam sired by Red SY Smash 15X (picture) and a great granddam CHB 88Y, other picture. Throw in a little Making Hay bloodline and you are set up for a very promising future.

CHB 87D, 1GRP0266_CHB 87Dpedigree CHB 87DRed SSS Ole 353SUntitled-1 Well Rosette is our last red heifer in this sale. She is another Ole daughter (her grandsire is the Ole bull in the left picture, while the right picture is of Red Glesbar Fifty 7W who we purchased from Glesbar Cattle Co.back in 2011. With an 83 lb BW (a minus in her BW EPD) she has a plus in her WW and a huge plus in her YI index of 130 while at the same time above average for milk, maternal and calving ease. Some Six Mile Ice T on the dam side. What a combination!

CHB 64D, 1GRP0306_CHB 64Dpedigree CHB 64DGeis 270Z Mission 1Geis Jay 204'08 b  This good looking feminine Geis Mission daughter brings a lot of promise to the table. Herself a 72 lb BW, a WI of 99 and yearling index of 126, making her 5th in a group 37. We bought her dam in the Geis Angus Dispersal sale as a heifer calf and she has grown into a very productive cow. Above a picture of her granddam.

We strongly believe that this group of bred heifers has a lot to offer their new owners. There will be videos available later in October and sale catalogs after that. We invite everybody to the Lonestone Invitational Female sale on Dec. 1st 2017 at Lone Stone Farms, Westlock. Please feel welcome to have a look at these heifers anytime before at home here. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. We will have some more detailed breeding information in a later entry on this site. You should be able to click on the pictures and the pedigrees to enlarge them or print them. If you can not make to the sale in person you will also be able to follow and participate online at . Sales Management is with .

Our phone number 780 349 2768 at home or 780 307 7042 Martin, our email . You can also find our Hazel Bluff Angus page on Facebook.

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Fall is in the air …

A little frost on the pumpkins this morning makes you think fall is in the air. Getting ready for weaning very soon. Good moisture conditions make the pastures still look good but put a damper on harvesting. The cows and calves look good.


We will have pictures and details on our bred heifers here soon as well.


Please feel always free to call us for more info on our cattle 780 349 2768 or drop us a line at or better yet stop by for a visit.

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Wow … the summer went by fast

Summer has been moving by us really fast it seems. Thanks to good moisture conditions this summer the pastures have been really lush in our area and the cows and calves are loving it. Here are a few impressions, taken randomly throughout the summer.


But not only the pastures did well. For the first time we planted a field of corn for silage. Due to wet field conditions it was planted a little late but thanks to a warm and moist summer it has come a long way. If we can keep a late season hail storm or an early frost away there is a good chance for a nice crop.


But not only the corn is new here. We also welcome a few additions to our pen of herd sires.

Out of the KBJ dispersal sale we welcome Red KBJ Griz 01D (a son of Red DWAJO Gladiator 32L and a Barney daughter, BW 92 lbs). Griz bred a select group of cows. He is a very deep bodied, easy keeping kind of a guy. He has been a little shy having his picture taken but we will get it done yet.

Yes we also have a new black sire. He came to us out of the DWAJO Angus herd, DWAJO Bliss 15D (a son of Cudlobe Total Focus 6A) With a BW of 81 lbs he got to look after mostly black heifers. DJE 15DBliss .

From the Vikse family farm comes Red Vikse Tidal Wave 179D  20170509_143421a, a son of Red Diamond T 30-Mulberry 1306. Lots of length, calving ease (75 lb BW) and still muscle and thickness. He bred a group of mostly red heifers.

Last but not least we held back Red Hazel Bluff 1D  MHB New Era 1D ab, an ET son out of Red MRLA New Era 87Y and Martin’s premier/ elite dam Red Hazel Bluff MS Dawn 93S (who goes back to Red SSS Red Dawn 163M). Lots of style and performance and the almost perfect set of feet of his dam.

We have had a few people asking about bred heifers this fall. Yes we will have bred heifers for sale this fall and we will have more details on the how, who, when, where, shortly. We are quite excited about it.

Please feel free to call us 780 349 2768 at home or Martin at 780 307 7042 or if you drive by take the time to stop for a little visit. Or drop us a line at

To finish today’s entry here a couple of pictures taken this summer at the farm



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Thank you for the hospitality – German Angus Days 2017

It has been a pleasure to visit with fellow Angus breeders from all over Germany and Austria at their recent annual German Angus Days in Northern Germany, even meet up with some Angus cattle out of the Hazel Bluff Angus embryo program. The weather was great, the pastures green and nice cattle to look at!






Of course it wasn’t all cattle, a scenic evening boat ride on the Schlei, a short visit to the Schloss Gottorf, excellent food and fellowship everywhere along the way! Thank you everybody very much! It was a wonderful opportunity to renew connections with people we met a few years ago at another tour in Germany, several that we had the pleasure of welcoming here in Alberta a few years ago and a number of new friends!


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Finally –happy cows!



No further comments necessary!

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Breeding season


Sorry it has been a long time since our last entry. Finally we have been getting some warmer, sunnier weather after all the rain and snow in April and earlier in May. It has been a challenging season alright but the grass is coming nicely. For many of you breeding season is coming up fast. We do have some long yearling bulls available, moderate birth weights, full of muscle ready to go to work. All have had a veterinary inspection, scrotal measurement and semen evaluation. If you are still looking for a solid bull to breed your cows or heifers give us a call now. We’ll be happy to show you the bulls. 780 349 2768



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Thank You !


Thank You to Cal-Herd Cattle Co.Ltd for purchasing both our pens (16 head in all) of open yearling heifers at the recent heifer show and sale at NCL in Clyde.We wish you a lot of success with your breeding program and are confident they will work well for you.

On another note, it has been very gratifying (while studying the Bull Sale catalogues this spring) to come across a number of bulls from several different breeders in AB and SK that were out of Hazel Bluff Angus dams. We are very happy for you that these cows and heifers that you bought from us are obviously doing well for you too. We are sure there are more but were not as obvious in the catalogues. We also had calls from some of you asking about our bull pen and perhaps females too. We will have some exciting news on that front a little later this year. Don’t hesitate to call us at 1 780 349 2768 or send us a message at with any questions you may have.

We surely appreciate your business and in many cases friendship over many years. Thank you! We still have a very nice selection in our bull pen available this spring. Since we sell all our bulls directly off the farm, call early for best selection. These bulls are ready to go to work for you, whether you want to breed some heifers or cows.

CHB 40D aCHB 97DMHB 30D a

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