Summertime impressions …


A very content group of cows and calves out on excellent pasture in the middle of summer – what more can the person ask for? Here are a few random pictures taken through the month of July.




Driving by our place this summer? Please feel welcome to stop by for a little visit!

Looking for bred heifers this fall? We’ll have more info on our bred heifers for sale in our next entry, a great group of heifers out of proven genetics,  red and black, bred to some exciting genetics. Due to start calving in late January 2019. Please feel welcome to contact us any time at 780 349 2768 or 780 307 7042. or email:; visit us on Facebook

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Finally “happy cows”


After a long, hard winter and a pile and a half of silage, lots of straw etc. it’s finally time for grass!

While we here at Hazel Bluff Angus are pulling bulls out of our breeding groups already, most cows are bred by now, many of our fellow cattlemen are just getting their bulls out now. If you are still in need of a bull, give us a call, we still have a few by now about 16 month old breeding bulls available.

CHB 9E bCHB 37E bCHB 86E aCHB 90E bMHB 29E bMHB 82E a

All are purebred, registered and come with semen evaluations done. Our prices are competitive and delivery is available. Give us a call for more information at home 780 349 2768 or call or text Martin at 780 307 7042  .

We sincerely appreciate everybody who purchased a bull or heifer from us this spring and wish you a lot of success with your breeding program. If we can be of any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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Bulls for Sale – Update

Hi Everybody. It seems spring is still keeping us waiting but the veterinarian was out and did the health check, scrotal measurements and semen evaluations on the bulls. We have an updated list available including the scrotal measurements.

Bull Poster 2018

Bulls for sale update

All our bulls are available at the farm on a first come first serve basis. They are fully guaranteed according to the Canadian Angus Association bylaws. They are competitively priced and delivery is available. There is still a nice selection available. They are structurally correct, long, deep bodied and muscular with an excellent temperament.

If you are looking for a mature, proven herdsire, we have Red Lone Stone Rocky 106A for sale.

1GRP0320_LNK 106A1GRP3512_LNK 106ALNK 106A Rocky

The pictures show him as a 2 and 3 year old in the pasture and a recent one from this winter. He has an 80 lbs BW himself. He has 62 recorded offspring (not including his 2018 born calves) which averaged 86 lbs on the bull calves and 82 lbs on the heifer calves. He has lots of length yet depth of body and muscle. He is one of the best footed bulls around, never needed his feet trimmed. He is an excellent breeder with a 47 cm scrotal and a good semen evaluation this spring. He should be good for a couple more breeding seasons for sure. Call us for details.

We also have a black 2 year old bull for sale. Hazel Bluff Mission 52E


He is out of Geis Mission 270Z and has a 95 lbs BW. He is long and muscular with a good set of feet and legs. He has a 40 cm scrotal measure and a good semen evaluation. Despite his 95 lbs BW he has a minus on his BW EPD’s. A nice looking bull, he’ll do a fine job on your cows or even larger framed heifers. We’ll be happy to show you either bull or any of the yearlings for that matter. Call us at 780 349 2768 for more information.

Here are a couple of pictures of the new calf crop, hardly a month old and already lining up at the feed bunk.


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Thank you …

… to everybody who came out to the NCL heifer show and sale yesterday and in particular to Cody and Steve for purchasing our pen of 10 and pen of 5 respectively. It was a good day, first getting 3rd place recognition for our pen of 10  and than having the high selling pen of 5 at $1825 per head (averaging 938 lbs per head). Thank you again. We wish the new owners a lot of success with their purchases. We are confident they will work well for you for many years to come.


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Looking for yearling replacement heifers?

It seems like old man winter is finally loosening its grip on us a bit. It may not be spring yet but it may just be on its way somewhere. Anyway it is the time of year again to think about breeding replacement heifers. On Saturday March 17th 2018 there will be the annual Pen of 10 and Pen of 5 Replacement heifer Show and Sale again at NCL in Clyde (phone 780 348 5893) and yes, like for so many years in the past Hazel Bluff Angus will be represented with a couple of pens again. All the heifers will be inspected and palpated by a veterinarian for breeding soundness prior to the sale. Start your day of right with a complimentary breakfast put on by NCL, you are invited to vote for your favourite pen of heifers followed by the draw for door prizes and handing out the awards. The sale commences around noon.

Here are some pictures of our heifers that will be available at the sale. Please don’t hesitate to call us for more information on our heifers at 780 349 2768 (home) or 780 307 7042 (Martin) or stop by our place to have a look prior to the sale. Our heifers were mostly born in February 2017. They had all their spring and fall vaccinations and were treated with Ivomec in the late fall. They were on a total mixed ration based on corn silage, some oathulls, chopped straw, some rolled barley with supplements and minerals added all winter.


In need of a bull for your cows or heifers? We still have a nice selection available at the farm. We’ll be happy to show them to you.

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Bulls for Sale 2018

Bull Poster 2018

Hazel Bluff Angus Bulls 2018

Once again we have a tremendous set of yearling bulls for sale. All of them were born within one month between the 20th of Jan. and the 24th of Feb. last year.There are a number of low BW bulls to use on heifers as well a few more suitable to use on cows. For more detailed information on the sires please scroll down to the last entry. The bulls have had their spring and fall vaccinations as well as Ivomec in the fall. They will undergo a veterinary inspection for breeding soundness, scrotal measurements and semen evaluation later in March. They had no creepfeed and were on a hay ration after weaning at the end of September along with some pail fed grain. Since about the middle of November they have been on a total mixed ration consisting of corn silage, some oat hulls and chopped hay and straw with grain and supplements added in proportion to their weight gain.

All bulls are available by private treaty of the farm. Come early for best selection. They are fully guaranteed in accordance with the Canadian Angus Association guide lines.Spring delivery is available and volume discounts are negotiable. We have been in the purebred Angus business for over 25 years and we are very happy to say that we have some customers with us today that bought some of our earliest bulls. Thank you indeed! We have had a number of comments like “why do we come back to you guys – because your bulls work, they last, they have good temperaments and if there is a problem you helped us out even if the problem is with someone else’s bull”.

We are confident there is a bull that will fit your requirements, don’t hesitate to give us a call, send a message or, better yet stop by and have a look for yourself. We have been sending out some flyers in the mail and will do so again shortly. However Canada Post in its infinite wisdom has been changing many rural addresses in a number of counties and our mailing list has not been able to catch up with everybody. If you like a mailout and don’t get one in the next little while, please call and we will be happy to send you one. You should also be able to print the list off this site. Please contact us with any questions you may have. 780 349 2768 (home) or 780 307 7042 (Martin) or

Here are some examples:

CHB 9E CHB 9E, a Rocky 106A son BW 95 lb. CHB 10E CHB 10E, a Mulberry 26P son BW 81 lb. MHB 15E MHB 15E. an Iceman son BW 92 lb. MHB 20E MHB 20E, a Roosevelt 62C son, BW 83 lb. MHB 26E MHB 26E another Iceman BW 94 lb. MHB 27E MHB 27E a Tiger 7B son 88 lb BW. MHB 34E a MHB 34E a son of GBCC Storm, 80 lb BW. MHB 35E MHB 35E a Smash 43B son BW 89 lb. CHB 37E CHB 37E, a Maui 917B son BW 94 lb. MHB 39E b MHB 39E, a Kodiak 5R son, 82 lb BW. MHB 64E MHB 64E, another Smash 43B son BW 83 lb. MHB 82E a MHB 82E another Storm son BW 101 lb. MHB 84E MHB 84E an Ole 6B son, 92 lb BW. CHB 86E  CHB 86E another Rocky son BW 92 lb. CHB 91E a1 CHB 91E a Little Deep 285B son BW 100 lb. CHB 98E CHB 98E another Rocky BW 97 lb.

Sorry we couldn’t get any usable pictures of the others yet. We only have three 2 year old bulls available, 1 black, 2 reds. Call early to get one of them strong, deep bodied muscular rascals.

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Spring 2018 Bull Pen Reference sires

2018 ad

It seems we are a little slow once again but we are in the process of putting together all the information and some pictures for our 2018 Pen of bulls. We invite you to call us or better yet stop by to have a look for yourself. There are currently 23 yearling bulls in the pen 4 black the others red. we also have a small group of 2 year olds 1 black and 2 red available. We will introduce the bulls in the next entry. Here is a quick list and description of the sires these bulls are out of. First the A.I. sires than the natural sires.

Red Brylor Iceman 1Z Iceman 1Z was of course our senior herdsire a few years ago. He is no longer with us but we still have semen of his in our tank and this year there are 2 good looking sons in the pen. Moderate BW, high indexing, good frame, very correct. He had a 82 lb BW himself and with 77 offspring on record so far his bull claves averaged 88 lb and the females 80 lb.

HF Kodiak 5R HF Kodiak 5R We bought some semen of him a few years ago and had calves that did well both in looks and production. With over 1500 recorded offspring his EPD’s have an accuracy of 85%, easy calving low BW combined with respectable WW and YW and stature. His son is indeed one of the top bulls in the pen.

Red Fine Line Mulberry 26P Mulberry 26P a. He needs no introduction. He has been one if not the best known sire in the Red Angus. Below average BW and still in the top 1 or 2% for WW and YW EPD’s in Canada. His son with an 81 lb BW definitely stands out in our bull pen as well.

Red TR Little Deep 285B Red TR Little Deep 285B His genetics came to us indirectly with a couple of bred females that we purchased at the KBJ dispersal. He is a son of Red Bieber Rollin Deep who is a son of Red Bieber Roosevelt W384 whose semen we have also used in the past (and who will show up again a little later here with a direct son in our bull pen. Two Little Deep sons made it in our bull pen this year.

Red Lone Stone Rocky 106A 1GRP0320_LNK 106ARed Lonestone Rocky 106Y He is our senior herdsire. Easy calving, excellent temperament and one of the best footed bulls we have ever had. He is getting the job done. There are a number of his sons in this years bull pen and we hope he passes his feet and longevity on to his daughters as well.

Red Hazel Bluff Smash 43B MHB 43B Smash Long and muscular, a thick dark red haircoat. We raised him out of Red SY Smash 15X, our senior herdsire a little ways back. 43B, even though he had a higher BW himself his bull calves avered 89 lbs and the females 80 lbs. There are a couple of sons in the pen.

Red KBJ Maui 917B KBJ Maui 917B , sorry only a yearling picture available, was our main heifer bull for a couple of years before he moved on to the cow pen. We will be calving out the first group of females of him this year and we expect another calf crop of him.

Red Hazel Bluff Tiger 7B MHB 7B Tiger 2 He is kind of unique, a dark red bull out of a black sire and a black cow. He has a tremendous length of body. On the sire side he goes back to Kodiak, see above. Moderate BW and above average weaning indexes, he has 2 sons in the pen.

Red Glesbar Storm 133C Red Glesbar Storm 1GRP0323_GBCC 133CThis is Storm’s first calf crop in the bull pen. He has developed into a nice, muscular deep bodied bull with good feet and legs, lots of length. He has a bit larger frame size. Two sons in the bull pen this year.

Geis Mission 270Z Geis 270Z Mission 1 We had him for two breeding season and sold him again. His calves developed so nicely that we made arrangements to have him back for more. He left us with some very nice replacement females.

Red Hazel Bluff Roosevelt 62C Red Bieber Roosevelt W384 Here a picture of his sire Red Bieber Roosevelt W384. 62C is an embryo transplant calf out of our embryo transplant program. He has full brothers in Germany. In the bull pen is an 83 lb BW nice and smooth black bull, perhaps a little smaller frame than some others.

This gives you some idea of who is represented in this years bull pen. We will have some pictures and a list of the bulls here shortly. Please feel free to call us at home 780 349 2768, or Martin 780 307 7042, Erich 780 307 6253. We’ll be happy to show the bulls.

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